Sunday 02 April 2023
Eight-month training course at institutional locations in the city of Messina
Sunday 02 April 2023
Learning proposed by UniToGo Climate to increase knowledge on climate and climate change issues
Sunday 02 April 2023
10th edition of the Università di Siena's Sustainability Course to provide a solid introduction to the main topics relevant to sustainability.
Sunday 02 April 2023
The Università della Calabria from 4 p.m. organizes the 5-kilometer walk/run open to all and sundry for "Just The Woman I Am"


The Salon of CSR and Social Innovation

April 3 - "Shared value and digitalization: the impacts on the territory" is the title of the next leg of the Tour of Italy of The CSR and Social Innovation Show at Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

The International system change compass in the Italian context. Realizing the European green deal

April 5 - Second stage in the run-up to ASviS' Festival of Sustainable Development 2023 to discuss system change to transform the economy towards sustainable development

White Paper - RUS Working Group Climate Change

Published the paper produced by the Climate Change Working Group: "Operational guidelines for drafting greenhouse gas emission inventories in Italian universities"

UNICEF and the four universities of Piedmont

Child and Adolescent Rights in the Changing Complex Society. This is the title of the Multidisciplinary University Course on Rights Education organized by UNICEF with the four RUS universities in Piedmont, which starts on April 12, 2023


RUS collaborates with institutions, associations, foundations and networks that are active in the field of sustainable development,
whose mission and objectives are consistent with those of RUS.