Technical Working Group of the Student Community

The Technical Working Group is a result of the need for a continuous and structured involvement of students within the activities of the RUS and is created with the intention of offering university students a significant space and complete involvement in the achievement of the institutional goals of the RUS.

The activities of the TWG started on September 22, 2023

Main goals of the TWG:

The Student Community TWG has the following objectives:

  • Map the ways in which the student community is involved in the Network's universities
  • Collect and share best practices, with a focus on peer-to-peer engagement and dissemination activities
  • Propose new activities and actions to be carried out in the Universities, also using envisioning tools and foresights
  • Improve dissemination activities of RUS proposals aimed at the student community
  • Contribute to the work of the working groups, in coordination with them, also in order to understand the priorities perceived by the student community

Elena Semenzin

Università Ca' Foscari Venezia

View the full composition of the Technical Working Group here


Sub - groups and composition of the TWG

TWG participants are organized into four sub-tables to carry out the operational activities of the TWG

  1. Sub-table "Mapping on student community engagement"
  2. Sub-table "Dissemination, networking and social networking activities"
  3. Sub-table for organizing joint initiatives for the Festival of Sustainable Development
  4. Sub-table "Awareness campaigns"