The Sustainable Development Festival 2022

The Festival of Sustainable Development, organized by the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASVIS), to which RUS adheres and with which it collaborates, is the largest Italian initiative to raise awareness and mobilize citizens, younger generations, businesses and institutions on issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The next Festival of Sustainable Development, to be held from 4 to 20 October, will represent an important milestone on the path towards the realization of the UN Agenda 2030 just 8 years before its expiry. In fact, 2022 has seen the achievement of one of the historic goals of the Alliance, the inclusion in the Italian Constitution of the principle of sustainable development, with the reform of Articles 9 and 41, and the inclusion of the protection of the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems in view of intergenerational justice.

The Festival is the result of everyone's collaboration: individual events can be organized by anyone who wants to help put Italy and the world on a path of sustainable development.

All universities in RUS are invited to organize events!


As with past editions, you can apply for RUS sponsorship and the use of the Network's logo by filling out the google form at the link, subject to referral to your university's RUS Delegate (the list of RUS Delegate(s) can be found at



RUS has sponsored some events organized by the RUS universities as part of the Festival. Find out which ones!