Green Food Week

Green Food Week is an initiative coordinated by Foodinsider to enhance planet-friendly food. The goal of Green Food Week is to make the offerings of school and university cafeterias have a lower environmental impact.

Green Food Week is meant to be a time of celebration to be carefully prepared by involving everyone: those who prepare the dishes, those who serve them, those who consume them, and, at school, those who promote their consumption. It is not only an opportunity to change the menu with more sustainable dishes, but it is a time to share knowledge to spread the meaning and value of 'food friendly to the Planet'.

The guidelines for Green Food Week 

  • Give preference to dishes with a low environmental impact, namely plant-based foods, preferably short chain and organic

  • Choose ingredients that protect soil fertility such as organic produce, legumes, millet

  • In schools, if possible, offer fresh fruit at mid-morning

  • Propose palatable meals, i.e., with a high consumption rate, to avoid too much waste

Beyond the menu

  • Involve school staff with our kit: informed and active teachers who support the values of the initiative are valuable allies for a successful Green Food Week

  • Effectively inform and reach out to families with our information materials

  • Involve children as active participants in judging the enjoyment of the proposed new dishes

  • Networking and inviting other parties (municipalities, universities, companies) to participate in Green Food Week

  • Measure the actual consumption of the proposed dishes

The Working Group RUS Food involves RUS universities' membership in Green Food Week