EWWR - European Week for Waste Reduction

The European Week for Waste Reduction - EWWR is an initiative aimed at promoting the implementation of awareness actions on sustainability and proper waste management in the week from 20 to 28 November 2021. 

The EWWR consists of an elaborate environmental communication campaign which intends to promote greater public awareness among citizens on the excessive quantities of waste produced and the need to drastically reduce them.  The enphasis is upon waste prevention and each action of the European Week for Waste Reduction shows how every actor in society – including individual citizens – can creatively contribute to reduce waste personally and communicate this message to others.

The European Week for Waste Reduction was born within the LIFE+ Program of the European Commission with the primary aim of raising awareness among institutions, consumers and all other stakeholders about the waste prevention strategies and policies implemented by the European Union. For more information on the EWWR, you are invited to visit this page.

In addition, every year, SERR focuses on a different aspect of waste prevention to draw attention to high-impact areas related to our unsustainable consumption habits as a society. On this page are all the thematic focuses produced

Universities that have been members of the Italian Universities for Sustainable Development Network since 2021 also took part in the European Week for Waste Reduction. Find out about the initiatives carried out

The actions implemented during SERR are about the "3Rs": reduce, reuse, and recycle. Following this hierarchy, waste reduction should always be the first priority. Reducing means firstly carrying out strict prevention and reduction at the source. The second best option is to reuse products. This also includes preparing for reuse. Finally, the third priority is to recycle materials.

Clean-up actions are added to the 3Rs.