Next Events

Events and initiatives organized by RUS universities or relevant to the Network's interest

RUS universities organize and report initiatives to spread the principles of Agenda 2030, stimulate discussion and share new ideas.

Tuesday 05 December 2023
The ICASF 2023 conference is specifically focused on the theme of “Sustainable Futures and Technologies”. Event with the patronage of the RUS Network
Thursday 07 December 2023
Second meeting of the series of "community classes" organized by the "Rehab Secondigliano Prison" laboratory at the Scampia Complex in Naples
Friday 08 December 2023
Event organized by the RUS Network at COP28. Attending the event will be the RUS President and representatives from RUS universities
Saturday 09 December 2023
Event organized at COP28 by the RUS Network, in partnership with the University of Toronto and other universities and international networks

RUS organizes events to spread the culture of sustainable development and to promote and strengthen the impact of the actions of the Italian university system on the national and international territory.