RUS – Italian University Network for Sustainable Development promotes a competition to identify the best project among the challenge-based activities organized by the universities members of the Network about the Agenda 2030 themes.

The initiative "Challenge RUS on the 2030 Agenda" is part of the path leading towards the Universal Exhibition Dubai 2020, starting October 1st, 2021. The goal is to involve students, through challenge-based activities, and to select a project that will have a specific showcase during RUS activities within EXPO Dubai 2020.

The winner of the contest, evaluated by the committee, is project SIEPE (Sustainability Inclusion Energy Production Environment) of Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna. According to the evaluation method, the committee said:

“SIEPE is the best project in terms of complexity used to deal with the topic of sustainability, and also for showing how the regeneration of the city and its places is possible only if the priority is first put on the social and human regeneration”.

In order to participate, each interested RUS University was required to fill in a Google Form to report no more than 2 challenge-based activities organized between January 1st 2020 and May 31st 2021. These activities must be focused on the issues of sustainable development and only the winning projects will be candidates to the RUS Challenge on the Agenda 2030. Only RUS Delegates or their representatives should report the challenge-based activities and winning projects for their university.

This is the schedule of the competition of this past year:

  • By March 31st 2021: reporting the challenge-based activities by filling in the Google Form attached in the “DOCUMENTI” section (the deadline can be deferred through a request to send to
  • By May 31st 2021: presentation of the winning projects of every challenge-based activity by filling in the submission form attached in the “DOCUMENTI” section and sending it to 
  • By July 19th 2021 (postponed): the RUS Coordination Committee will proceed with the evaluation of the submitted projects, based on the evaluation criteria attached in the “DOCUMENTI” section.


Google Form for challenge based activity reporting

Presentation of winning projects

Evaluation criteria