UniSustainathon / 3-5 October 2020

A three-day digital marathon, organized by RUS and ASviS with the collaboration of the General Commissariat of Italy for Expo 2020 Dubai with the aim of promoting the creation of projects and best practices for the university topics such as awareness, space, community and inclusion. 

The numbers of UniSustainathon: 209 students (F: 137, M: 72) of which 38 international, 36 groups, 49 universities including 12 international universities from 11 countries (Canada, United Arab Emirates, France, India, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Senegal, Uganda, USA).

Check out the playlist with all the experts' contributions to the hackathon here!

UNISUSTAINATHON WINNER: MiBhack20 - Project "Green Advisor"

Sebastian Brocco, Anna Rita Ferrantino, Anita Meraviglia, Francesco Paladini, Michele Pasta and Annarita Vallese

Adaptable Campus

Valeria Giovanna De Marco, Giulia Giacomini, Timothy Kintu, Emanuela Kuqja, Nicolò Lanfranchi, Anqi Pan and Maria Solidoro


Roberta Caprari, Ndeye Marie Cisse, Adriana D’Auria, Elena Riccò and Anna Sedioli


Jacopo Agazzi, Adalberto Auteri, Michele Castelletti, Filippo Giovanni Daidone and Rossella Tamborrini

Dimmi di più

Fabio Conte, Alessandra Eugeni, Vincenzo Falcinelli, Giulia Piatti and Luigi Zaniboni


Laura Allibardi, Simona Mongelli, Antonia Pacelli and Martina Pecchini

Good Fellas - Project "Open CampUS"

Amarinder Arora, Silvia Brembati, Eugenia Isabel Brenes Albertos, Ines Odalovic, Daniele Pirozzi and Domenico Vitale

Romathon - Project "Circular Hub"

Anna Bazzucchi, Leonardo Castellini, Corrado Cavalli, Lavinia Del Treste, Gabriele Lidonnici and Riccardo Tipaldi

Spill Out - Project "SustainCity"

Francesco Ballarin, Simona Cisotta, Ilaria Galli, Valentina Montesano and Gian Marco Tessier

Y(our) Voice, Y(our) Future!

Doreen Gift Bujjingo, Angelica Manes, Carlotta Maria Martinelli and Emil Mastromauro


Barbara Burlingame and Sandro Dernini - Sustainable Diets

BMC Public Health - Cueing healthier alternatives for take-away: a field experiment on the effects of (disclosing) three nudges on food choices

Development of healthy and sustainable food-based dietary guidelines for the Netherlands

Egidio Dansero, Franco Fassio, Eleonora Sirsi, Nadia Tecco - Food and Universities for Sustainable Development

FAO - Assessing sustainable diets within the sustainability of food systems

FAO - Development of voluntary guidelines for the sustainability of the Mediterranean diet in the Mediterranean region

FAO - Plates, pyramids, planet

FAO - Sustainable diets and biodiversity

Foods and MDPI - Food Environment Typology: Advancing an Expanded Definition, Framework, and Methodological Approach for Improved Characterization ofWild, Cultivated, and Built Food Environments toward Sustainable Diets

Jessica L. Johnston, Jessica C. Fanzo, and Bruce Cogill - Understanding Sustainable Diets: A Descriptive Analysis of the Determinants and Processes That Influence Diets and Their Impact on Health, Food Security, and Environmental Sustainability

Public Health Nutrition - Med Diet 4.0: theMediterranean diet with four sustainable benefits

The Lancet Commissions - Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT–Lancet Commission on
healthy diets from sustainable food systems

Turner - Concepts and critical perspectives for food environment research: A global framework with implications for action in low- and middle-income countries

VIDEO - Ms. Paola Palestini, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, member of the RUS Working Group Food